Get to know Melissa

"I don't know what I think yet, I need to know more." This is the attitude I strive for as a mom when forming my stance on new or tricky topics.  I want The Curious Mother to be a safe and fun place for all moms to come and get information to help them form their own opinions.  I hope our listeners find some laughs along the way. 


Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.
— Stephanie Bennett-Henry

A brief history

Dr. Melissa Miller specializes in treating eating disorders, body image and self esteem disturbances, anxiety and relationships. She works at Southeast Psych in Charlotte, NC which she would describe as her dream job. Melissa is one of the producers of the film A Voice That Carries, a documentary created to inspire fathers to be a positive influence in their daughter's life.  She received her doctorate from the University of Denver in 2005, and moved to North Carolina after living in Chicago for her year-long internship. Melissa and her husband have 2 kids, the sweetest rescue dog Polly,  and are always working to find the ideal work/life balance. Melissa would describe herself as a foodie, and she loves trying new restaurants and new recipes. She enjoys reading, and is not ashamed to say she loves watching television.